Multiple Choice Scanner

A teacher's best friend

Try it! It's fun!

Until recently, automatic scoring of multiple choice questionnaires was only possible for large institutions with a lot of money. But not any more!

Our multiple choice scanner is in the Android Market now! (download it here). We at kexxu are very proud to release our new (free) innovative product, saving teachers a lot of time grading multiple choice tests. Now you can simply scan the test with your Android phone and within one second you get the score on your screen! Continue reading to find out how it works!

First step: print the forms

You can download the answer forms here. These are the special forms the app can scan.

Step two: Fill in the correct answers

Fill in how many questions the test has (anywhere between 1 and 40 questions are possible). Then select the correct answers in the app.

Step three: Grade your whole class in one minute!

Point the camera at an answer form, and you will instantly see how many questions are right and wrong. And it's FAST, just one second on an old android phone per form. If you have a new phone the form is rated almost instantly.

What you need to know to scan flawlessly

Your students need to fill in the blocks completely, a cross is not enough (see image).

More than 20 questions? No problem!

Even though only 20 questions fit on one form, there is a second form for 20 more questions, that is detected automatically. Want something in between? No problem! You can specify the exact number of answers you want to rate, so even, say, 31 answers are possible!